Pics of my extra friendly bantams!


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This little group of bantam are the friendliest birds I have ever had. I handled them from the start but not a whole lot and they are very affectionate little birds! 2 are cochins and 1 I am pretty sure is a rir. In the pics is my neighbor who is a chicken lover too but isn't allowed any of her own so she comes up to love on mine!

Here is Daisy-May trying to get comfy on her new nest and Rexie trying to take his nap

Where's Rexie? I just can't seem to find him???

Peek-a-boo, there's Rexie!

The booty picture

Finally everyone got comfy..everyone except Ang
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I am going to have to show her that pic when she comes up today!! She sat like that for probably close to a half an hour! She really does enjoy spending time with them!
I love it! On Saturday my Mother was wetting her hair in the bathroom sink. I had put her little black bantam cochin, FeatherFoot, on the edge of the sink. He was just walking over the faucet fixtures back and forth. Went into the kitchen to start breakfast and when I returned he was cozy on her back taking a snooze.

She looked at me and said,"Now what am I supposed to do?"

It was too cute.

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