Pics of New Chicks from Meyer


13 Years
May 7, 2009
Hillsborough NC

Got 6 new babies from Meyer on 4/16 - shipping was overnight - but they still slept a lot for the 1st couple of days. Now they are running around like crazies.
All are SUPPOSED to be pullets - 2 Wellsummers, 2 SLWs, 1 Golden Campine, 1 Barnevelder.
I'm guessing the Welsummers are the 2 chipmunk looking ones, even though they are colored a bit differently and that the Barnevelder is the chestnut colored one. Though I'm a little confused because all the pictures I find of Barnevelderchicks don't look exactly like mine? Guess I'll find out as they start getting their feathers.

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