picture of Tyra, esp. for DuckyfromOz-

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14 Years
Apr 20, 2008
Dora, Alabama
Took this picture yesterday:


Tyra and Doodle:

Tyra is a black east Indie- she is handicapped, that is why her legs are like that.
Doodle is a cross between my fawn and white female runner and male Muscovy.
He doesnt quack, he whispers. Actually, his/her body is too big for the skinny runner legs, and he/she walks with shaky legs. Two handicap ducks that are inseperable.
Thank you so much for posting those pics. She is looking well, and her feet especially since she doesnt use them much. She really is such a precious young girl, and I do so hope that she continues in good health and can move around with ease. Keeping up with Doodle must be hard at times. I just called my daughter to come and see the photos, and we both ask that you give her a big cuddle from each of us.

Looks like she is learning to adapt to her condition and is using her tail to help her balance. In colour she looks like my Regie, But the legs are like Ollie. he gets right up on his hocks when he goes outside on the grass and can walk a few steps like that.

It really is lovely to know she is doing ok, Im sure I will have this huge smile on my face for a while tonight after seeing her beautiful photo.
thank you.

She doesnt really keep up with Doodle any more. Doodle wanders around with henry, my goose. Then, when he has been gone too long, or wanders out of her sight range, she starts quacking loudly, and Doodle comes running.

When she wants to go somewhere, she throws herself at my feet- and I take her most of the way. If she doesnt want to go, she runs away from me. She gets around okay for short distances, using her tail and I have discovered she can go really fast on the concrete floor of the garage.

I have saved the best news for last.

Yesterday, she FLEW. She lands rough, but she can fly about eight feet at a time. I picked her up from the pond to take her back to her favorite resting spot and she flew out of my hands. She went about six feet and then shook herself off once landing and looked quite proud of herself. So, we did it again. I picked her up and she flew out of my hands again. She went about eight feet.

Well, since then she has discovered if she flaps her wings really hard she can move rather quickly to where she wants to go.
I highly doubt she will ever really get off the ground on her own- due to her handicap- but if it helps her move from point A to point B, I am so excited for her.
That is wonderful. Crash landings may be hard for her to get used to- but being able to get around better is a good trade off. It really is incredible how well a disabled duck can adapt and live a relatively normal life with a bit of extra care. She really is in great hands with you.

She has learned that she can fly now- sometimes when I pick her up, she leaps from my hands as soon as I stand up- which is not a good thing. She doesnt get herself situated first, makes for a worse crash landing.
Its like she is saying, "No, dont hold me- let me go. Watch this!"
Thats such a cute story! Just wondering do mule ducks get get the caruncling on their faces? Doodle is beautiful and so is Tyra. The first time my duck flew out of my hands he pretty much dive bombed and i Histarical I could not stop laughing. he got up and was like "What just happend?" :hmm I have Welsh Harlequins A Pekin and Muscovies..and getting 2 more from Mr. Richard Ruby!

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