**picture** what is wrong with my chicken?


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6 Years
Dec 28, 2013
The story so far! 6months ok she went very weak and was unbelievably skinny, (just after we wormed them) so we separated her, fed her up and she seemed fine! We put her back, few weeks ago we wormed them and it happened again, but this time she as horrid green/white poop. She's eating and drinking and is feisty but doesn't seem to be putting wieght back on. What should I do? Don't really want to go down the vet route!
What did you use for worming? The better wormers for chickens are Valbazen, SafeGuard or Panacur equine paste or SafeGuard liquid goat wormer, and Worm Out Gel. These get most or all worms in chickens. Some require dosing up to 3 days in a row to treat certain worms. Wormout Gel can be put in the water for 2 days, and the others are given orally undiluted.
I'm in England and used Flubenvet. Can I use another wormer so soon after already worming her? She's separate from the rest.

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