pictures of our new baby welsummer and bcm chicks


10 Years
Jul 9, 2009
Here's our latest hatchlings. Some of the welsummer hatching eggs were from vicki2x2 (thanks - they're so cute!) They were born mostly on Saturday.
The reason for the yogurt-tub waterer is that we usually have ducklings along w/ the baby chicks and I had to figure out some way to keep the ducks out of the water. The only disadvantage is having to re-fill the water pretty often, so sometimes I put in 2 of the cut-out yogurt-tubs if I'll be gone all day or something. I put a small rock inside the water-tub to hold it in place (so it doesn't get knocked over).



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Nice! You could put holes in the sides of the tub up quite a bit higher, then it would last longer. My baby ducks had a thermos cup set upright in the center of a water base as their waterer, and their 'feeder' was the base of the waterer. So any water they spilled out went into their feed, not their bedding. Not like it makes a big difference with ducklings!

Cute babies, congrats!
What cuties! I just love Wellies; my avatar is a welsummer chick hatched out of shipped eggs from vicki2x2.
Thanks Shelley and SunnyChic! SunnyChic- I just love your baby-chick-photos on your BYC page! So cute! I didn't even know about the Delaware blue - how neat! That's another one to add to my wish-list since I was just looking into finding some regular Delawares a few days ago. I love the baby Ameraucana chick photo. I have buff Ameraucanas in my incubator right now, and I can't wait to see them! Thanks for sharing your photos too!
For the leg-bands, I was just trying to keep track of which chicks hatched from which eggs. I put green-bands on the welsummer-chicks, and blue-bands on the 4 birds that were supposed to be black-copper-marans, but 2 of those are brown so I'm thinking they're probably not true-bcm since I got them from a breeder on eBay. I don't plan on breeding them anyway, but sometimes I just like to keep track of which chicks are which since I'm new to learning how to tell which chicks are which breed. The 2 black chicks are easier to tell apart from the others!
Thanks, i was just curious. I was thinking maybe it was for an attempt at sexing the welsummers by the V on their heads.
I hatched one and the V looked to be female and it was. I am waiting on her first egg any day now

Congratulations on all the cute babies
That's so funny you mentioned that! I was just about to run into the room and re-band them based on which I think are males and females. I was just looking on-line to see if I should do right-legs for female and left-legs for males. I'm more right-brained according to the on-line tests I just took, and I think my hubby is left-brained, so that's why I was going to pick right-leg for girls and left-leg for boys, even if it only applies to just our family!
Hold the presses............................You can sex welsummer babies by a V on their head?.........Do tell please.

I'm getting welsummer eggs to put in my bator later this week.
News to me. From what I've read they are often crossed with a Barred Plymouth Rock to create a Welbar which is a auto-sexing breed but I've not heard they were... Maybe any Welsumer experts out there can give us more info.

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