PIctures our our yard with our chickens!


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13 Years
Jun 11, 2009
Heres some pictures of our chickens!

the first couple of pics are some of my 10 chickens. i believe i have one easter egger rooster. theres a picture of one of my children and me!
a picture of my lil garden area i did up myself.
and a picture of our puppy molly and a rir chicken. notice the chicken looks angry at the pup! The last picture is our veggie garden. also if you click on the photo it gets bigger.

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Oh, how lovely. Your RIR are quite beautiful. I love the pic with the pup! That's one sure way to get him to respect the hens.

P.S. Yes, that EE is a roo, but he is lovely! Hope you can keep him!
Thanks!! i love having a rooster!! He adds so much character to the rest of the flock! He tries so hard to make the noises! its so hilarious!
He is only crowing in the morning! woo hoo!! Hes actually very friendly! And hes got (man) eyes!
cute!!!! I love watching our chickens eating bugs,grass or whatever in the yard!! Its so awesome!
i know! i ve never seen the rir chickens hair stand straight up. thats why shes on the leash.

i did run over and pick her up. the chickens double her size!
Red&Yellow :

Sorry to hijack, but zazouse, are those two white birds white Rocks??

Yes the rooster is his name is happy feet cause he dances for the girls.

The other white one is his guinea girl friend she don't dance but squats for him.

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