Pigeon, hatched 2 Egg's, what do I do now?


8 Years
Nov 16, 2011
Eastern NY
They are only about two days old, There eyes appear closed and they are pink, She is still sitting on them and her and the dad are very protective not letting me or the other birds near them.

Is there anything I need to do? How long intill I can re home them? Thanks
They should be eating well on their own and fully feathered (no baby fuzz). 6-7 weeks until ready for new homes.
All you need to do is provide mom and dad with food and clean water. If you have any young die, it is likely that you have creepy crawlys (mites).
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The parents will feed them and keep them warm. Note my edit above about mites. You have a lot of birds. If you have not been on top of pest management, you may/may not have issues. Any unexplained death of young birds should be cause for cleaning/spraying the coop and spraying/powdering all birds.
I prefer permethrin mixed in different concentrations for spraying structure (stronger) and a squirt under each wing and at the vent (weaker).

Mites are very difficult to see.
My best homers had squabs about 1 week old and their nest was deplorable. Made up of debris and droppings (they did not employ my nest bowl like every other pair of pigeons I own),

In the past I have cleaned up numerous nest with no repercussions.

I cleaned up their nest and put the squabs in the nest bowl with fresh shavings. Long story short they died because the parents did not incubate them after I tampered with their nest.

It was a hard lesson learned by yours truly and it is not my first rodeo with pigeons. Be careful how much you tamper with their nest is all I am saying. Some pigeons do not mind it. However every pair of pigeons do not respond the same.

From now on I will not disturb nesting material until the squabs are about 2 weeks old and nearly fledged.

I never had any problems checking on the squabs. I think it is a good idea to handle the young squabs daily personally. That was the first time I had problems with a nest to be honest.

I have tampered with nest on many occasions prior to that. Thought I would bring it to light. In my case I think tampering with their nest for me from now on is not worth the risk.

This is a chance for someone to take advantage of my stupidity.

Especially considering the short period of time (2 weeks) when they are at their most vulnerable state. After the first 2 weeks have passed then I would feel more confident tidying up the nest and nest box area.

Now you know the worst case scenario when it comes to trying to keep thing as hygienic as possible.

I did notice that as the nest got wet my birds would drag in more nesting material and debris to almost make matters worse in my opinion.

In retrospect I now see the pigeon actually knew what was best. They were dealing with the problem in their own unique way.
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I do not want to disturb them, Even if I wanted to they would be pecking me, They are quite aggressive at this time, the mother was the most calm and friendly bird but not at this time.

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