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May 6, 2020
My ash red pigeons hatched their eggs but shockingly I got a blue bar which I was told is a female. Now I see some brown coloring in her bars
Is she still considered a blue bar or ash red
Oct 18, 2018
@WVduckchick how are you and your birds? How many Sats do you have now?

@cavemanrich when, oh when, are you getting pigeons? Pigeon fanciers are a dying breed, I don't care if you raise ugly pigeons:

Or pretty pigeons:

YOU just NEED pigeons!

@biophiliac how is your flock? Do you still need some hens? I have about twice as many hens as males! You want any?
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Aug 26, 2020
Pigeon fanciers are a dying breed
I honestly think the pigeon fancy should pivot toward extolling their virtues as house birds -- maybe the age of huge show and race lofts is on the way out, but I think there are many people who love birds and who don't want the huge commitment of a parrot-type who'd love learning more about all the variety of (much easier to keep) pigeons out there they could enjoy. Breed clubs could try doing some outreach in that regard somehow.
No doubt the demographics and ideals are changing, but it doesn't have to end up badly for the birds (or breeds).

There is actually a pet store near me selling some cute Nuns, so maybe the idea is catching on? I also see quite a few house pigeons on Instagram nowadays too, which I think helps spread awareness of how fun they can be.

Honestly, as much as I've always loved pigeons it was seeing so many housepet birds online that made me think I could actually try owning some of my own, despite not having a farm or loft. That honestly had never occurred to me before, since I had always seen pigeons as more poultry-style of pet than a indoor pet bird.
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6 Years
Apr 6, 2014
Melrose Park Illinois
b p
I first need to build a stand alone loft with good ventilation. My current loft is inside the back top of garage. It is being used by my chickens as winter housing until spring. Have been doing this always.
My concern is the pigeon dust that I need to avoid. A standalone loft next to my chicken coop in the outdoors would solve the dust issue. I have not been able to even build my new chicken coop in the last year. Mainly due to Covid, and I need help to get done. Hoping for this pandemic to pass, so I can get help from those that are willing to help me. I cant do things myself like I was able to before.
Of course no (non pretty pigeons) for me. I just want White Homers. :thumbsup
Here is last pix of the last 3 :lovethat I had. Sure miss them:hit


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