Pigeons and Pheasants sharing a pen?


14 Years
Nov 11, 2008
Vicksburg, MS
I am building a pen for my pheasants (i only have 5 ringnecks) and was wondering if I could also put some pigeons in there also? Will the pheasants kill the pigeons or mess with the pigeons's nests? The pen will be 10x10 and 6 feet high.
well the pigeons would be up near the top while the ringnecks would stay on the ground, so it should work. now a friend of mine keeps quail on the floor of his pigeon loft but, I personally wouldn't put pigeons in with any of my birds.
I have pigeons in with my pheasants and have not problems. I just can't put chcikens with my pigeons becuse they find the pigeon eggs and babys tasty

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