Pigeons and winters


Aug 26, 2020
I havs 2 english fantails of age about 6 months.
The winters here can be a little harsh. There isn't much snow but in December and January, the temperature at night touches 32 ⁰F. Since we live in a hilly area, the wind here gets crazy.
And it is reall chilly.

Our pigeons live in a loft made on our veranda in the 1st floor. So they get a lot of wind there.
We have made a two story box for them for shelter but I don't think it is that warm in there. Besides, whenever it rains here, I place them in the box but they come out and choose to get wet. Especially the female. I was alright with her choosing to get wet in the summers but it will rain here a lot in winters and the wind will be tormenting. The temperature right now is 64 ⁰F.
The wind here is so strong that it broke our big lawn table made of thick wood in half. And the windows rattle.

What arrangements should I make for them? Will they get sick? Whenever I pick them up, their feet feel cold.

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