Pigs Anyone?


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Apr 24, 2014
Wisconsin, USA
Hello, we are planning on getting pigs sometime this year. We have experience with other livestock, but I was told that they are much harder to raise. We really don't know what we're getting ourselves into.
Could you maybe give me some pros and cons, expenses, and a good meat breed?


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Aug 17, 2012
Hello! I work on a farm where we have 3 4-H pigs. how many are you thinking of getting?
Pigs are smart so they figure out gates pretty easily. They are smart enough to know when an electric fence is on or off.
They can also become aggressive and bite your feet when you go in their pen.
I cant wait till the fall when they go off and we get bacon and pork.
If you socialize with them they can be very friendly and even lie down when you start scratching them.
We make our own mix of grain with cracked corn and another pelleted feed.
For breeds we have all Yorkshire crosses. don't really know about other breeds

Hope this helps a little fell free to ask anymore questions

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