Pigs as pets: Boar or Sow?


6 Years
Feb 2, 2013
Leesville, Louisiana
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My Coop
We will eventually be getting a pet pig, emphasis on PET- no future Bacon, and I was wondering if boars or sows made better pets? Or if there is a difference? Does anyone have any tips for selecting a piglet?
If you get them fixed either one is a great pet! We actually have a mini pig girl. She is litter trained and very smart. I would get a potbelly or mini potbelly piglet they don't get as big as other breeds. Ours is only going to be around 30 to 35 pounds full grown. Also make sure you moniter their feed, they will keep eating forever if you let them lol.
This is our year old "mini" he has full access to our 2 1/2 acres with an invisible fence so he's a bit overgrown at 60lbs. He's neutered, house trained and very spoiled.


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