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Dec 31, 2008
New Hampshire
i have a barn and we want to get a few pigs (3-4) to eat. Is is a good idea to keep them in the barn with the horses and cows (4 horses and 2 cows) We do live in a neighborhood but i am zoned for agriculture so i can have animals we have around 6 acres of pasture and an acre for the house so in all we have 7
I plan on having pigs also. I live in a rural area and have been asking lots of questions like yours. My biggest fear is them getting loose. I have found out its not such a big issue. Pigs are governed by their stomachs so it's important to train them where and when the food is and what it sounds like when they get fed. If they get out they will be easy to get back in.

I have got advice from friends and acquaintences who have or have had lots of pigs. They have to have very sturdy pens or they will break out. If you use electric fence it will work very well as long as they are trained to it. Start them in a small enclosure with a bright colored ribbon right behind the electric fence so they will associate it.

It should work to have them in the same barn as long as there is separation and adequate drainage away from the other livestock. Pigs do not need to be ranged. Many people raise them in pens only. I personally do not see any advantage in putting them in pasture. Instead of having a mess in a small area you will soon have a mess in a large area and not much to show for it. Good luck
That's plenty of room for your pigs. Be prepared for the smell. We have raised plenty of pigs. My daughter raised them for for her 4-H
project. They will usually use the bathroom in one corner of the pen, so clean up is not that bad. They are ruled by their stomachs. Once you feed them on a set schedule they won't go anywhere.
We raised our first pigs last year and had them butchered in November. That was absolutely the best pork I've ever eaten. We just picked up our country ham last weekend, and it is to die for!!!

After our first experience, we've decided to raise our own pigs now. We have Tamworths and Berkshires. We are working on breeding the Tams now. The berks still have a little while to go. It is one of the best decisions we've ever made.

And, we are in a situation similar to you. We have about 9 acres in a neighborhood still zoned for farming. The electric fence and hog panels hold ours in just fine.
remember to walk them start young. feed a high protin and stay away from stress positive pigs. hopefully some one can come along and tell you what it is better then i can

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