Pit Bull Approved Toys. Video!


Dense Egg Goo
9 Years
Mar 22, 2010
Sacramento CA
I wanted to share my experience with some dog toys that have withstood my dog's pretty constant play. These are dang near indescructable.

XLarge Kong (The BLACK one). My bully boy Tommy has gone through one of these in about 10 months to a year, which is pretty good I think! He is on his second one now, very good investment!

Not sure if anywhere has these, but it is a HUGE rope ball thing.. Tommy loved it, more then anything, and it lasted around 1.5-2 years!! I threw it out mostly because it was disgusting at the end lol, but here are some videos to show how much he loved it!

first one is long, but funny for a bit

Haven't tried anything else. If anybody has good STRONG pitty approved or HARD chewer approved toys do share!
I gave up trying to find indestructible toys for my dogs. Anything I give them is taken into the yard/kennel/favorite quiet corner, and meticulously taken apart. I tried large kongs, they last about three days tops. Everything else I have tried lasts a few hours at best. I stopped giving them toys because I got tired of picking up pieces of rubber, rope, stuffing, plastic eyeballs, etc. off the floor and out of the grass
I guess I can't complain though. They never chew up anything they aren't supposed to, only things that are handed to them.

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