Planting my garden...what are great crops that I can plant for my chickens to eat too?


7 Years
Mar 16, 2012
Eastern NC
Dh and I worked on my garden area yesterday.....he has plowed me *22* rows....NO, that is not a typo!
He of course, said....'You don't have to use them all..." okay......he got a little carried away playing with his tractor, I think!
I was wondering what sort of things I could plant for my chickens to eat this summer......I order my seeds from Baker's Creek, and I am going to make an order tonite....just wondering what would be nice for them to munch on. Thanks for the help! This board rocks!!!!
Plant extra of what you'd eat, they just about anything we eat. Corn is easy to take care of and harvest and it stores easily. Black seeded sunflower is another good row crop.

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