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    Jun 13, 2008
    I've noticed a few people mention putting plastic around the run. I've been thinking of doing that at least for the north side of the run, to keep the snow from blowing in. What kind of plastic do you use, and how do you fasten it so it doesnÂ’t just tear?
  2. I've been thinking this as well, and initally I was going to staple heavy duty plastic onto the frame, but after a few years there will a a ton of staple holes everywhere. Then I was going to use plexi that fits inside the frame, but that won't cut down the wind as much. Not sure what we'll do...I'd be interested in what other have done. We have a Playhouse Coop .

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    I heard of a local who used zip ties to attach tarps to a fence to block snow for his chicken run.
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    May 13, 2008
    I have thought of this also, and have come up with a solution. I used this house wrap called cellutex, all of you have seen it before, framers use it to help insulate new homes before the siding is applied. I got some at the building supply store, it is really strong, and is a real tight weave plastic. I use a 1"x2" piece of wood and roll the ends of it a bit then nail or screw it onto the run frame, this gets it nice and tight and with no wrinkles in it. this also cut's down on the billowing when the wind blows. The only drawback is it has bright blue writing on it looks kinda funky, but works great.

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