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5 Years
Apr 10, 2014
Of my three beautiful chicks, who are almost three weeks old now, two do this weird dance/play-fight. I've only seen it a few times but it does cause quite the ruckus.
They'll fly up a little off the ground and chirp very loudly. They'll then rumble- fight- a bit. It does disturb the youngest, and smallest, chick, Beatrice, who will cry until they stop. I was quite concerned the first time they did it because I was worried they might get injured but it doesn't really worry me now. There's still the worrier in me that is scared they'll get hurt or seriously injure one another.
Has anyone had chicks who do this? Is this a common trait in baby roos?

Thanks to any who replies, Rachel.
All chicks do this to establish the pecking order - not just roosters! As long as they aren't drawing blood or one particular chick isn't getting picked on ALL the time, just let them be; It's natural chick behavior.
By the way!
I was just concerned because only Keisha and Mackenzie, the biggest, were doing it. Beatrice protests against it quite a lot. She'll hide in the corner of the cage and chirp and cry until they stop and settle down.

Also, thanks for the kind welcome. Everyone on here is so nice and welcoming.
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This is what chicks do and even girl chicks do this when they
are little but it kind of slows down as they mature but the roo's
just keep it up and really don't hurt each other till around 16
weeks of age ...

Enjoy your poultry ventures
Thanks for the reply, gander007.

Hopefully they won't get to the point of physically hurting one another but this information is good to know.

And thanks, I'll be sure to try and get some pictures of my beautiful little chicks very soon.
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Oh yes - pictures of chickies are always welcome! If you do think your two big chicks are roosters - the 2 times I got a rooster in my chicks they were crowing by 6 weeks. :)
I have been witnessing this as well...especially with BOTH of my Cochins. Also with my one Silkie that I believe is a roo. I know one of my Cochins is male as well. I'm bummed he is though because the little bugger was my favorite! Will have to re home him once he is old enough.

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