Play the guessing game with me while waiting for dna results?


Apr 9, 2019
New Hampshire
Awaiting dna results for some of our Silkies. Play the guessing game with me on this one while we wait?? I’ll post the results to this thread once we have the results. (2 weeks or so)

14 weeks old. My guess is pullet. I thought it was pullet from 1 Day old. I think that mostly because of behavior, the way it holds itself, and comb size. Its crest is still feathering out, so that isn’t a reliable way to tell. Sometimes it’s longer in the back, sometimes in the front. Sometimes it walks and holds itself like a female, sometimes a male. Typical Silkie lol. Its hatch-mate is half the size, but he’s trying to crow, and he has always exhibited typical male behavior. I’m not keeping him, so I didn’t dna test him.






For those of you who like an impossible challenge :lau. I don’t have pics of a couple, but here are some of the babies I’m having tested.

1. My guess is pullet. Likely just “wishful hoping” because I love it lol.

2. My guess is pullet. The way it walks and behaves screens pullet so far. Don’t think I’m keeping it, but I love it’s total weirdo hairdo lol.

3. My guess is cockerel. Huge, walks upright, brave.

4. My guess is pullet.
I'm going to say your white one is a Cockerel due to the nodules that look like they're beginning to form on the comb and because of how wide it is. All being he is male, he'll be a pretty boy!

As for the chicks, I wouldn't like to guess at the moment but that second chick if beautiful!

I'm going through this too now with some of my silkies I hatched.
Ha! It probably is a cockerel, although the bath pic angle makes that comb look bigger than it is. It really isn’t raised, but the feather sprouts make it looks as if it is. Silly bird acts like a female, too, which probably seals the deal on it being a cockerel lol.

I love my Serama and other breeds, I can tell sex almost right away. Silly Silkies!
This is the hatch-mate that I chose not to dna sex because I’m not keeping him. He is a white from blue/splash. (The other White is from white) he’s also half the size of his buddy above. He chest bumps, carries his tail high, and is starting to crow... will probably end up being a hen. :lau


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