Please - Don't relocate your predaters...


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Sep 16, 2008

I am desperately trying to stop racoons, they have gotten 8 chickens and 4 guineas in the last 3 weeks.. I just read an older post where someone in a New Mexico city was taking their trapped animals "south on the Rio Grande" to release them. But wait, we live south on the Rio Grande.

A .22 between the eyes is a good answer. Please don't bring them our way, please take care of the problem.

I've got traps out and an armered chicken coup and all the guns at my doors make it look like there's a war. The saga continues.


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Mar 23, 2008
Bailey, Mississippi.
"While predators are attacking my chickens, and my dogs refuse to fight. You will find ammo and Weapons at my door while i sit in the pitch black-dark waiting for the "critters" to show themselves while i spotlight them and feed them lead.. this.. my friends is war, your fighting with predators while your people and country (Family. chickens. Dogs) Are sleeping quietly in their beds, but wait... Their awaken to screams, and you running in the house with a raccoon on your head while you swat at it with a bat by your table. the coon jumps off, runs under the table while your knocked out lying on the floor from hitting yourself with the bat, and your wife is screaming because theres a huge "Rat" in the house "

Yeah.. i got bored, Anyways. being serious now. Yeah i kill predators (if the dogs dont get to them before i do). having 2 rat terriers, they kill all of the rabbits and squirrels. moles. stuff like that around. And my great pyrenees (may she RIP... ) would keep all the coons, Hawks, big time predators away, which is why SOON im getting another pyrenees. (male this time though.. tired of all those puppies and male dogs hanging around)



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Apr 10, 2008
Washington, PA
After my "spring offensive", my game cam has not registered a raccoon nor opposum in more than 2 months now. Their visits to the chicken coop area used to be a nightly event...

I agree with the OP. Don't drop your raccoons/opposums in someone else's lap. A raccoon dropped in my neck of the woods has a life expectancy of ZERO...

You may think you're "saving" them but chances are that you just dropped them off in a hostile unfamiliar area where the chance of them gravitating towards someone's house is pretty good.

I'm still waiting for someone to show me data from a study involving radio collared "released" animals with telemetry, tracking their movements, before I even can even consider relocation a viable option. Of course in many places this is illegal!
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Squeaky Wheel
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Feb 11, 2008
Waterloo, Nebraska
Amen to all of the above. Relocating spreads disease and causes population shifts that are detrimental to the relocation area. It's also illegal in most states without the proper authority.


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Aug 18, 2008
Somerset, OH
I can tell if my ol' redbone is just barking or if he smells a coon. If he smells a coon, we grab the gun, but let him lose! We have been lucky so far, knock on wood, that we havn't had too many attempts on our chickens. My biggest concern are the hawks, because the dogs can't get them. But the either kill or scare crap out of everything else!


DMK Ranch

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Mar 23, 2008
Oak Harbor, OH
I agree with what's already been said above.

Animals that get relocated on our property feed the Turkey Vultures the next day. Do NOT dump your unwanted animals on my property. They won't survive it.

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