please don't say half of them are roos?


Mar 11, 2010
here is my brahma chick who is 2 weeks old. she is a lot more calm then the other chicks and she isn't as active which makes me thing that she is a pullet but she is also smaller then the others and ive heard that roosters develop slower.
it might be to early to tell but would you say shes a roo or pullet?

ok here is my ee so what do you think?

and here my jersey giant

here is my orpington

and here is my other chick who you probably cant tell the sex from this photo but do you think she looks like a golden laced cochin?

and finnaly this is my barred rock, what sex do you think
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Is the chick's picture taken at 2 weeks old because boy is it small and underdeveloped if so. Mine looked like that at 3-4 days old and by 2 weeks their body feathers were coming in. Do you have a side view of the chick? We have been able to sex LB by feather length, but we also have both sexes to do a comparison.
i have a pic of the side view but my computer will not let me upload it

acually i just checked and really it is only 10 days olds but is much smaller then the other chicks who are the same age and is not developing a tail feathers yet
do you think its maybe a bantam lb?
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do you really think half of them are roosters? i ordered 25 pullets and then tried picking the 6 that had the smallest combs. i think the brahma is a roo but the jg has a small comb and the orpington is the largest with the largest tail

here is a pic of them so you can see the size difference
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Seems too early to tell. I'm curious how people are choosing gender on all of them so soon. I don't know some of those breeds well, but nothing looks obvious to me.

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