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Ok, I have read through ALOT of posts about bators. I am on my way to get a thermo/hydro w/probe combo. This is what I put inside the wiggler, right? Do I leave it in there all the time? Explain it sllloooowwwwwly to me-pictures are even better!

Also, in missprissy's tute on making a breadbox bator, she had in the photo a humidity gauge of some sort and the temp/hydro w/ probe. I'm off to buy them but If I don't need both, please for chickens sake, tell me so I can return some of this stuff! Thanks!
Lets see if I can help!
Well the wiggler I really cant help you with, I havnt ever used 1, but I think it is like a wetbulb we use for hummidity checks at work, IF that is the case it would be attached to your humidity probe and kept wet.
Next thing I CAN help with is go to a cigar store and buy a comgo Thernometer and Hydrometer, I have 2 in my hatching Bator and they work great, just dont forget to change batteries, and yes they are accurate.
Hope this helped
If you buy the accurite with a probe you take the black wire probe and put it inside the water wiggler. That will read like the temps inside the egg. The other temp reading will be the air temp inside the bator you have to have it inside the incubator. Also for it to read the humidity you have to sit the whole unit inside the bator.
A water wiggler/weasel is to simulate the internal temps in an egg. You put the probe for the thermometer inside it and it shows you how the temp is changing or not changing inside the egg. Internal temps change slower than air temps and it keeps you from adjusting the thermostat too quickly. You don't need one, they're just a tool someone devised to aid in incubation. The probe does not read humidity at all, though, only temp. You leave the probe inside the wiggler the entire time. For the combo thermo/hygro by AcuRite to read humidity, the entire unit has to be in the bator-the hygro is in the body of the unit, not the probe.
Ok-I'm back. Thanks for all the replies
. I got a thermometer with a probe to leave inside the wiggler. I also got a basic humidity reader for reptiles that I think is going to do the trick. I have already discovered that the humidity in my house is close to 60% and inside the bator is 70% and climbing! So I will be wicking some of the water out tonight. I'm so glad I have munltiple days to tinker with this! Thanks all!

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