Please help! 2 Chicks died and do not want any others infected :(

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    Jul 26, 2012
    This may be a long one but please help and i'll try to describe everything in as much detail as i can.
    I have adult chickens in a coop and run and have around 12 chicks in a brooder. 8 of the chicks were hatched by myself and my friend and have been nothing but healthy. 4 of the chicks were bought from a poultry farm that is run by a friend we were introduced to.
    2 were chocolate orpingtons, that were hatched and raised by their mother and have been really healthy.
    The other 2 were contained with older unrelated birds, but still all youngsters in one pen.
    When we visited the owner of the farm treated a young frizzle whos eyes were tightly closed shut with a thick mucus type substance, which she said had a cold.and it recovered with no problems.
    I had 2 chicks from the same pen, and had no visable problems. I have had them for around 4-5 days and yesterday out of the blue noticed the one had both eyes shut with the same mucussy type stuff, remembering how she washed the frizzles eyes we decided to do the same, except this one had her mouth wide open.
    I just thought because she couldnt see she was just thirsty and hungry and when encouraged to drink did so. but wasnt too bothered about eating.
    The other chick had only 1 eye that had the same problem, the other eye was healthy and was much more lively and acted like a normal chick.
    I isolated them from the rest of the chicks and left them to recover over night
    Today i woke up and theres blood in the poo - not sure which one though - but now they are both lethargic and seems like theyre struggling to breath.
    I called the lady who owns the farm who sent up some anti biotics and i forced them to drink it and left them for a while.
    Th one who seemed really poorly had what looked like a seed or something stuck on the roof of its mouth near the throat, they have been fed nothing but chick crumb.
    the face was now swelling up, and to me look like brusing over the eyes because of how swollen its face was, it wouldnt eat or drink as its throat was swelling up, the chick that seemed healthier than the other sat there made a few weird noises like a death rattle, obviously couldnt breath and had a mad fit around the brooder box before eventually laying on its back to die.
    The one who was worse off lay head down breathing only every few seconds until that too died.

    I havent had any problems before i dont know whether it is this "cold" or if it is coccidosis, i dont know what to do but never heard of a chicken having blood in their poop, eyes swollen shut with mucus face swelling and having what seemed to be lesions in its mouth and throat,
    PLEASE HELP! i dont want this spreading to my other chicks or chickens!!!
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    I'm afraid you haven't gotten answers because the answer is not pleasant, and because there is no one definite answer. I'm afraid I would have left immediately when I saw the eyes closed with mucus at the farm you visited -- and showered and changed clothes when I got home. This is the harsh truth of diseases in chickens. To learn for certain what the problem is, you will need to have a necropsy done. Usually you can have one done through your state vet for a reasonable price; your vet can probably help you find this resource, or the first link below may help:
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    Jul 26, 2012
    What are the possibilities? Im new to keeping chickens but i thought it was coccidosis i also thought it could of been gape worm but that wouldnt explain the eye problem. I have told the owner of the farm who says she is getting a vet up there today to see whats going on.

    i just want any possible cures to use on the rest of the flock if need be.

    Im treating them with anti biotics and coxoid just in case it the dreaded cocci.

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