Please help??? Emergency!


6 Years
Sep 8, 2013
Last week, we had 1 Cuyuga duck die. She was very lethargic, but would still eat & drink. I
brought her inside for 2 nights.. she appeared to recover so I put her back out. That afternoon she died suddenly. Then I lost 1 Dominic hen the same way. Now I have my last Dominic hen, barred rock rooster, & Japanese bantam rooster are acting sick.
Basically, this is what's happening.... they sit on the ground puffed up... they don't have the strength to get up on a roost. They try & try, but can't fly up... not even a little. They eat & drink. This happens for about 4 - 6 days before sudden & instant death. I'm losing all my animals & it's killing me. Especially my daughter. What do I do???? Please help :0(
It sounds like coccidiosis, except ducks get different strains that chickens I think. I would get some Corid (amprollium/Amprol) liquid and treat for 5 days with 2 tsp per gallon of water. They can sometimes have blood in the stools but not always.

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