Please help! First time chick owner with poorly chick


May 20, 2015
Please could I get some advice - I have 4 chicks, they are 3-4 days old. One of the chicks has been different since we got her, we thought she might be brain damaged - when she walked she was low to the ground, she tried to burrow under the other chicks, she needed to be shown food and water where the others took themselves after they knew where it was.
On Monday I noticed what looked like a thin piece of grass coming out of her bum, with some blood attached. I don't know if this could be worms but was unsure as they have never been outside, never ate grass or dirt. They are kept in a box with an ecoglow and woodshavings bedding, fed on chick crumb.
When I came home yesterday she was lying flat on her side, and I thought she was dead. She was breathing very shallowly and was tense and stiff. I picked her up and rubbed her, and blew towards her beak. She started to cheep and perk up after about an hour, and took some sugar water after a while. I was up most of the night checking her and she's still alive but weak. She has pooped, and it seemed normal yesterday evening when I saw it, but either her or one of the other chicks has very runny poop (she was with the others overnight to keep her warm so not sure if it was her).
They have unmedicated feed and are not vaccinated, I would really appreciate any advice as to what could be the issue and if theres anything I can do.
Thank you for reading.

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