Please help - I think I have two roosters!


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Jan 5, 2012
Hi everyone,

I'm very new to chickens, and a month ago my husband and I bought two 11 week old lavender araucana pullets. They were still quite little, making cute peeping sounds and quite timid. Since then they've grown quite a lot, and have started to become quite aggressive. They sometimes wait until we turn away from them and then run after us, flapping their wings and pecking at our ankles. The most concerning thing, though, is that one of them has started to crow! 3 mornings in a row, between 6 - 7, it has crowed loudly and repeatedly. It is a bit off tune but it's definitely a cock-a-doodle-do! Should we know by the age of 15 weeks whether they are roosters or not? Can a hen spontaneously start crowing? I will try to post a photo...

Thanks for any help or ideas, very much appreciated!
If you post a pic we can tell you if they're male or female. Although, the saying is......wait til it crows or lays an egg. I'm thinking you have your answer, to one at least!

Oh gosh - here's a photo - hope it works!
the one facing the camrea is a roo the other cant see its comb to tell but feather wise they look pullets though but if ones crowing then i would guess roo on it although a dominat hen that has no roos may crow. if you can get pics of their heads to see both combs it could help
x2 on the one facing the camera being a roo. The other one is hard to tell because you can't see its face.

What country are you in? If you're in the US, those are NOT araucana. I've heard standards are different in other countries, though.
Thanks everyone for the comments - although my stomach is sinking knowing that they are probably roosters, we live in the city and roosters aren't allowed by our council. We're in Australia too which may explain why they look a bit different?

Here are some more photos, maybe they'll make things clearer? Sorry they're not the best, I took them quickly before work today.


Oh yes, those look like boys. Even if you couldn't see the stance and the tail, the comb is much too bright for 11-week pullets. Sorry

ETA: I just realized you said they were 11 weeks a month ago... I'm still going with definite males.
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OK - so here's a full body photo of one (and they look almost exactly the same as each other) if anyone has any doubt. It sounds like it's pretty unanimous though! I think we'll have to contact the breeder and see if he will let us return them. Looks like Beverley and Evelyn turned out to be Bevan and Evan!

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