Please help identify "Mini" (Little Myserty Hen)


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Apr 16, 2008
Mini was found abandoned behind a Chinese restaurant, foraging on her own in a nearby town. After several weeks nearby store employees were finally able to catch her. Needless to say she is now fully recovered from her ordeal and her plumage is becoming more brilliant each day. She seems happy in her peaceful protected home within the wife's small flock. After considerable research regarding Danish, Dutch and Old English Game bantams I still have not been able to accurately identify her breed with any degree of certainty. One unique feature is that she has very brilliant "slate" toenails. Thanks in advance for any input

Oops!, sorry for the typo on "Mystery"

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Thanks for the prompt response, I'm not a chicken expert, this little hen is really small, for instance as you can see in the photo she is only about 1/2 the size of our Cochin Bantams. I'm assuming you mean she is an Old English Game Bantam, if so what is a "BB Red"
Forgive me I guess I am a little slow to understand, she is an adult hen that lays an egg daily and her breast area is reddish/tan in color.
It's just the official name of the colour and I think it refers more to the roosters colour rather than the hens. Where I'm from its called Partridge. Old English Game bantams are tiny. We have 4 and we love how tiny they are. I'm glad she's found a happy home with you and your wife.
Maybe this will help.This Photo is from KM Chickens via Google: Black Breasted Old English Game Bantam.

What a lucky find!

Gray Farms, Jae G & Theoldchick:

Thank you guys so much the mystery is now solved right down to the "slate" toenails. However I guess we'll never know how she came to be all alone behind the Chinese restaurant. Aside from surviving the perils of city dwelling varmints, I suppose she could have even been on the menu. Anyway again my thanks for your very informative input it is much appreciated. Although the little flock free ranges most of the day, this is their enclosed safety zone


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