Please help!! Insides coming out!?


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Feb 9, 2015
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We did, we let her enjoy her bath time and some pets and then put her down that night. I do feel terrible. I really love my chickens. I just hate theres nothing we could have done for her. It was interesting to learn how to process a chicken and i believe its important to know. Sure does give you more respect for your food. She had nothing but water in her crop and intestines and some rather large rocks. The hole was quite large that had opened up and parts of the tissue or intestines hanging out were damaged. She would have had a rough time if we tried to fix it :-( and probably wouldnt have made it. She had come such a long way from the initial attack, just such a shame.
Shame for sure. So glad she had you to care for her in the end. :hugs


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Apr 3, 2011
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I just regret that it happened, and that you had to put her down. It is good that you spent some good time with her to comfort her. Doing a necropsy and having a look around can really tell us a lot, and can convince us we have done the right thing to spare them suffering.
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