Please help me save my favorite chick! Is this Coccidiosis?


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Jun 27, 2008
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OK- I have a sick chicky. I am very attached to this one and would really like to save her. Please help me.
She is a 4 1/2 month old Blue Laced Red Wyandotte named Dove. She has had a few health problems this summer, mites, but I took care of those. Someone pecked her in the eye and it got cloudy for about a week, I though she'd gone blind, but it cleared up. She is also very under weight & boney.
Earlier this week she started limping, so I brought her inside and put her under a heat lamp. I can find no injury. She has been inside for 3 day and has stopped eating, her crop feels empty. I have tried enticing her with numerous foods but she just isn't intersted. I have been feeding her chicken broth through a syringe. Her poop is runny and yesterday I noticed a few flecks of blood in it, but none today.
Can anyone help me or offer suggestions of what I can feed her to give her some energy and fatten her up?
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All I can think of is electrolytes (Gatorade). We just had a hen die from symptoms almost like this. From my experience with her, I would say feed your chick less more frequently, so you can monitor her digestion. It is important that her crop does not block up. Pm threehorses, she'll be able to help.
Keep a VERY close eye on her. Here is a link to the post that I had up for our hen:
hope someone who knows more can help you; I'm praying for you and your chick.
I gave her a few table-spoonfuls at a time, but she was a grown hen and that may have affected the amount. Also, I used more because a lot of it tends to be spilled. Unfortunately, our girl stopped digesting her food and water, possibly from a blocked crop. She was an old lady, though. If your girl seems to want more, then I would give her more.
After she is re-hydrated, she will be more able to digest food.

Also, is there any green stuff in her poop?
Here are some more links that may help:
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How is she? Is she taking the electrolytes? Is she alert, or is she sleeping a lot? I'm worried for you and your girl; they can go downhill so fast.
I made electrolytes last night and fed her 1/4 -1/2 of a cup over a 4 hour period. This morning her crop was all squishy, I'm assuming there was still liquid in there. How long should it take her to digest fluids. This morning I gave her some more along with some fresh egg. It there anything eles I could be doing?
Sorry I haven't been able to reply; how is she doing now? She should have digested overnight. How squishy was her crop? How full was it? Did it go down at all from last night? Also, is she perky or sleeping?
If her crop did not go down, then here are some links that may help:

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