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    We have just put our farm under contract and since we don't know where we'll be, I need to move my flock..

    I have two Blue Copper Marans (straight Jeane), one roo one hen. 2yrs old
    One Black Copper Marans (Straight Jeane) 2yrs old, has distended crop, not sure if she's laying considering how few blacks I got while hatching. (1 cockerel, since gone to freezer camp could have come from the blue hen. No way to tell.)
    One Blue copper hatchery Easter Egger 3yrs old but still laying really well
    One splash white Marans cockerel hatched June '12
    One blue copper Olive Egger cockerel hatched July '12
    Three splash white Marans pullets hatched June and July '12
    Three blue copper Olive Egger pullets hatched July '12
    One splash white Olive egger pullet hatched July '12

    Two Cayuga x Runner drakes hatched in August '12

    The senior roo Sherman is a great free range roo. We have had NO losses in his flock since he came of age. The two cockerels are learning his tricks and are quite wary. All three live together with no problems, though the cockerels haven't started crowing yet. Sherman is around 14lbs and the Marans cockerel looks like he'll be even bigger. The OE cockerel is more Americauna in body but has rich mahogany coloring.

    The elder Marans hens lay a four or five egg depending on season. The pullets of either breed haven't laid yet. Thee EE lays a sage egg and is a fantastic producer. She's the best hen I've got.

    [​IMG] Splash White cockerel and ducks are in back, Senior roo is the big boy center and OE cockerel is the mahogany and blue center. Solid white ladies are Marans, speckled is OE. 3 small blues are OE all OE have muffs, some have feathered legs. One Marans has clean legs (pullet)

    [​IMG] Parent flock Marans and EE. (EE in roo's shadow)

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    Lovely bunch, I love the blue ones! I think your area would have some effect on pricing and if you find someone looking specifics you can probably get more than in general. Check craigslist to get an idea. Im around north ms and at a monthly flea market full size hens (laying or not- because they always say they lay! ) go for between $8-12 each Rooster somewhere in that too I think, haven't really priced them. Good luck selling!!

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