Please help me with these silkies! PIC HEAVY!


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May 18, 2010
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Any gender guesses would be much appreciated!

Bird 1


Bird 2


Bird 3


Bird 4
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Forgot to add- Bird one is about a month or so older than the other three. The last three are hatch mates!
My guess although I'm certainly no expert so I'd leave it to them but just from what I've seen is...I think they look like girls from what i've seen of others Roosters...and the ones I owned that were roosters although not silkies...they just look girly in the face and Roo's looked like Roo's my one silkie always looked girly sounded girly acted girly so by my luck she turned into a girl...yours are old are they that might help as well...since silkies take FOREVER to show what they are unless...they are really obviously one or the other.
I got only two Silkies and I am brand new at chickens ... so my expertise is limited. ;-)

I believe I have a boy (it's crowing) and a girl (I hope), so from what I've noticed:

The boy was always the shy one. We though it was a girl since the other Silkie had more of an in-your-face attitude, but it turned out to be the opposite.

He was always “hairier” then the other Silkie – more feathered legs, more fluff on his head.

His ears are navy blue vs. aqua blue on the other Silkie, which I believe to be a girl.

The comb has always been slightly bigger/bumpier then on the girl.

He was my first rooster to start crowing! That’s why I’m so confined he is a he! ;-) He started at about 2 months of age! He is one funny fellow. He could not make it any easier for me. ;-)
When were they hatched? How old are they in the pictures? Silkies tend to take longer then standards and therefore it's about 5 months and up before it's really known what they are. It's a lot of guess work. What's been floating around is a rounded crest (the top knot fuzzy part) is a hen, while a spiky crest is a roo. good luck!
I look at the comb, and telling us how old might help too.
I have a theory that one sex feathers faster then the other but I don't know which that is until my group is older.
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