Please help my 5 week old silkie


May 19, 2015
Hi, these are my first chicks, I have two 5 week old silkies. On 5/6 I noticed one very sleepy and not herself. I medicated her with corid liquid 1cc / 20cc of water 1cc a day and then 1/8 tsp in 2 cups of water for their drinking water (for both). She seemed to perk up a bit. Stopped treatment 5 days later (Sun). On Wed she seemed to have the same symptoms coming back...feed store told me to dose again...must not have killed all the cocci. Doesed the same Wed-Sun...and now she still isn't the same. Very sleepy. She eats and drinks but just lays around. They are fed all organic from Scratch and Peck, I gave some crushed garlic in peas, watermelon and oats...they also get live worms (once a week) and mealworms as treats. Please help!! The other silkie has always seemed happy and fine. Thank you

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