Please Help! Polish can't get up..


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9 Years
May 30, 2010
I have a buff laced polish, a roo i think, about 7-8 weeks now... He was fine last night when everyone was put to bed but when I went to turn on the light this morning and let everyone out to play, he did notget up.... he seems alert except for the fact he for some reason he can't walk.... if i set him by food he will eat and peck just fine but water is a no-go... even if i dunk his beak he swallows the first time but the rest he just lets dribble.... I can't fine anything on his skinthat might bother him.... he is preened and clean..... he stood up once for a few seconds about 10 min ago but sat back down with a thud and has not got up again... he is usually pretty skittish but when i pet him, he makes an effort to eat and peeps.... am I going to loose my baby? Is there anyting I can do for him.... in the first week I lost 2 of his buddies, same breed, to the wabbles.... like this but they were suddenly really weak and died within hours.... and only my polish.. the 10 other breeds i have here have been fine .... i must have 50 chicks here and all fine except trouble with the polish! All from McMurray too.... no contact with other birds.... nothing.... never had chickens before!

Please let me know if you have any words of wisdom that might help little pooter here! Thanks!



This might be gross but it might help!
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