PLEASE HELP! Sick birds

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  1. Candace69

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    Dec 4, 2011
    Flint Hills, KS
    I have had the antibiotic in the water for 2 days and they are worse. They aren't horrid, but they are sneezing and don't feel good. I want to get them better.
    They are Lady Amherst Pheasants, a pair, a make and female.
    I read on here you can give the Baytril, I am going to the vet as I am out. I can't get the Tylan.
    Now, the Baytril I am getting is the injectable kind.
    My question, how do I dose it and how much>
    Can I give it orally?
    How much for how long?
    I read somewhere 1 cc for 3 days?
    These were gifts for my DH for his b-day, they did come from a bird auction, I got some red golds at the same time and they are fine.
    So please, how much, how often and just plain....HOW? Of the Baytil?
    If it is to be injected, how? Where?
    What gage needle? I do have 1 inch 22 gage and 1/2 inch 20 gage.
  2. chickenzoo

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    The vet can advise you on the dose. 1 ml seems a bit much, but I am use to using the liquid form. Hope someone can post a better answer. They don't have Tylan cattle meds in KS?
    I always use the smallest needle I can.
  3. Candace69

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    Dec 4, 2011
    Flint Hills, KS
    No, that's not it, but I can't get the tylan until I drive an hour to an hour and a half, one way, then maybe. The closest places to me, the towns don't carry it. And those towns are 30 minutes away.
    The vet said 1ml per lb, and that I could do it orally, so I gave them 1ml and did it orally. We'll see how they look in the morning.
    Thanks for the response!
  4. Resolution

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    Please help the birds boost their immune system before you take another step. Two products for humans that you absolutely must keep on hand at all times.

    1. Omega Red gel caps or any other krill oil in a gel cap
    2. Cranassure or any other cranberry seed oil in a gel cap.

    As for treating an upper respiratory infection- you've got a window of time to remedy the conditions that bred that disease vector and get control of it.

    Mix baytril a whole drop into multi purpose contact lense solution- that removed protein deposits, rinses and stores.
    Also, add thyme or oregano oil to this liquid elixer- if that's not possible- skip the oil- just use the baytril and contact lense solution- and a clove of garlic. Cut the garlic into slivers and push down the gullet together with a few walnut meats-

    You'll be administering the the baytril/saline solution directly to the sinus cavity/ air sacs where the infection is.
    Because there is next to no blood circulation in the air sacs/sinus cavity, giving them a shot or treating through water is rarely completely effective. You need to turn this around and you know the urgency of the situation better than me.
    Write me personally and I'll walk you through it.
  5. Markyboy

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    hi is there anyone that can help me here. I have a sick Lady Amherst Cock, thanks. over the last 2 days I have noticed he is just sitting still. its as if he cant see properly either as he walked into a feeder and another bird pecked at him. I have removed him from the Aivery, have given him some fresh food and water but I dont know what is wrong with him. ive only just noticed and havent had a chance to moniter him yet.

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