Please help, sour Crop? Respiratory Problem?

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    I have a 5 month old Light Brahma that has for months made weird noises. Always squeaks when she eats, and sneezes. Not every time, but enough that it stands out. I got two at the same time, and she is noticeably smaller than the other. Again, at first I didn’t think much of it but I’m wondering if it’s a result of a larger problem. I’m not sure what to do with her, or if I’m reading into things or if I should be concerned?

    Here’s all the details:

    She acts completely fine and energetic, but something in her throat sounds partially obstructed or congested, she doesn’t “cluck”clearly. When she eats she does squeak and cough sometimes. Seems to breathe ok. I suspect she started laying in the last couple weeks, but has layed 3-4 soft shell eggs, one of which she sat on and was covered in yolk. She has a large appetite, both of the brahmas are always at the feeder the longest. We call them fattys lol.

    She’s been squeeking this way for months, because she’s not lethargic I figured she just made a habit of eating too fast. The obstruction/congestion has been about a month that I’ve noticed. NOW, I’ve been looking closer; she does had dark build up in her nostrils, I thought it might be dirt. She also has a spot on the front of her neck/throat that I can’t tell if it’s an injury or a growth. Her crop is larger than all the other, a little squishy but not as full as it has been before.

    None of my other birds are exhibiting symptoms.

    They were on organic layer pellets, I switched them to a scratch and Peck a couple weeks ago. She seems to drink fine.

    Her poop is weird today. One very small runny one, and just now she pooped and it almost looked like mud, with undigested plant fibers.

    No treatment yet, thinking of separating and giving apple cider vinegar and taking away food.

    I would like to avoid the stress (for her) of a vet trip and expensive.

    Their coop/run floor is dirt. We live in the desert, the dirt is finely ground gravel and a little dust. Very dry. I do turn on misters during the hottest part of the day and she does make a habit of rolling in the mud.
    Nesting boxes are straw.

    I’ve circled the area that has a bruise/old wound/growth. It’s hard to see and photograph. You can also see her nostril build up
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    Is the feed a balanced chicken layer feed? Scratch and peck feeds can be different, do you have a picture of it or a brand? Do you have crushed oyster shell available for extra calcium to strengthen shells? Some respiratory diseases, such as infectious bronchitis can cause shell problems, thin or shell-less eggs and weinkled shells,) sneezing, and clear nasal drainage which could attract dirt to the nostrils. A hoarse voice might be another symptom. The trachea in the front of the throat could be the tracheal cartilage which is a hard covering. IB lasts about a month, there is no treatment since antibiotics don’t treat viruses.
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    Yes, Scratch and Peck is the brand, it is a high quality layer feed. Yes they also have oyster shell.

    Should I separate her from the other birds? A month seems like a long time to be on her own
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    Greetings chickmamat,

    I recently went through what was suspected to be Infectious Bronchitis, in my flock. Two of the hens had mild sneezing, 4 had soft shelled and shell-less eggs, as well. Later, after one of my older hens died, a necropsy by UC Davis, showed there was no IB. Then, after a second hen died just 9 days later, another necropsy, confirmed no IB was present in the flock. The hens died from reproductive disorders. Problems that they were born with.

    It's difficult to know what is ailing your bird, without proper testing. If she has been sneezing and coughing for months, and the other birds are not showing symptoms, it's not infectious.

    I have a hen that has had the same symptoms as your Lt. Brahama. She is a Lt. Sussex, and is a year and 8 months old, now. She's seen the vet, twice, and had a CBC run. The conclusion is, that she has a slow growing tumor, and this affects not only her digestive system, but also suppresses her immune system. So, she does get the sniffles a lot, sneezes, and coughs sometimes when eating. This morning she woke up sneezing, so, I just treat her symptoms with some VetRx oil dabbed onto her nostrils, and under her eyes. It helps her feel more comfortable. She is also on other meds to manage the effects of the tumor.

    I'm not saying, this is what is affecting your chicken. But, it appears her condition is something that is not infectious. Which, is good for the other chickens. No need to separate her from the flock. If it were infectious, they would already have been exposed.

    I use a misting system too, and have found that chickens can get mud in their nostrils and ears. I just treated one of my BO's for an ear infection that caused her to lay soft shelled and shell-less eggs. I believed the ear infection was caused from playing under the misters too long and often. After examining her ear holes, I found crustiness on the ear feathers and around the holes. There was also a pungent smell around her ears. She was initially treated with triple antibiotic ear drops twice daily, for one week. Then, a colloidal silver drop in each ear, and eyes, a few days each week, as, I could not get her to stop playing under the misters!

    Soft shelled and shell-less eggs can also happen from the stress of being ill. When a chicken is not feeling 100 percent, this is reflected in their egg laying. Some, will just stop laying entirely. High temperatures can also affect the shell quality.

    If she is eating well and energetic, I would just treat the symptoms, and keep her under close observation, for now.

    Treatment suggestions:
    • Wrap the chicken in a towel, clean the nostrils with saline solution, using a swab or clean cloth.
    • Examine the inside of the mouth and throat opening, for growths or plaques.
    • Because you have been using misters (I do too), one drop, Colloidal Silver 20-30 ppm into each ear and eyes, twice daily, for one week. Then, when needed if sneezing.
    • She may also, have a low grade intestinal infection, give probiotics, every day for a week. I use Grow2max, which has 5 different strains of good bacteria. A pinch in some cooked food: brown rice, minced meat, vegies, fruit etc., is good.
    • Give a Poultry Vitamin dose, full strength, once a day, three days.
    • If the temperatures are in the 100's plus, put electrolytes in the water for 3 days, at the start of each heat wave, or when birds look stressed.

    If her symptoms don't improve in two days, or get worse, then you may chose to treat her more aggressively by adding a broad spectrum antibiotic to her regimen. If you want to keep her organic, then, you will have to use an herbal broad spectrum. Let us know.

    These are my thoughts on your hen's issue. I hope I have been helpful.
    Other members will have advice, please consider them too.

    God Bless :)
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