Please help... Started one then two now three

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    I have 22 almost 10 week old chicks. This seems to be breed specific but unsure how! I have three sick chicks and one of them hasnt even been with the other two for about 6 weeks as they have grown they get moved etc... Well all three of these chicks I think are Dark Cornish so far nobody else has this problem (knocking on wood). They all seem to have one eye that swells looks odd and then stays shut. I dont know if this will blind them but need to know what to do. Two of the Cornish are with eachother and others that seem fine. The other Cornish has been in a different cage foe weeks and is just now starting to show these signs HELP. I tried to take pictures but the boogers wont stay still so these arent good pics. Each chick has a different degree of bad eye. One really bad (closed all the time) the next bad but not closed all the time and the other just starting.. The first pic is of one of their good eyes...

    Good eye

    Chick #1 worst eye

    Chick #2 bad but not closed at all times

    Chick #3 just starting [​IMG]


    I have seperated these three as of now from anyone else and started them on Duramicin-10 but dont know if this is good enough! Please help Thanks again!!

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    I don't know what caused this but I also had one about the same age that had a bad eye that looked just like it. I put triple antibotic cream on it for a few days and it cleared up. She is fine now. I also use neosporin sometimes. Hope this helps until someone who knows what is going on can give you more information.

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