please help w/ Incubator Brands and Prices


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May 23, 2007
Southern California

I'm going to get an incubator! My parents agreed to it, but now I would like to ask all of you for help.

Maxixmum price range is like $120

The ideal number of eggs I'd like this bator to hold would be 18 [12 MINIMUM and 24 MAXIMUM; knowing me, if there's more room i'ma stick more eggs

((Also interested in an egg turner))

If anyone has a great incubator that is reliable and durable please let me know the price, capacity, and brand.

Additional comments (and pictures) are always welcome.

Thank You.
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if you can go on ebay. you can get a brower top hatch or a GQF 1588

I used the brower and love it. I plan to buy the 1588 soon

sorry forgot: the brower holds 50 standard eggs but the con is that it flashes when the heat is on and the moter is annoying. Pros are is that its dishwasher safe and easy to clean
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You can go to GQF, the manufacturer of Hovabator , and order the 1588 directly. I do not think you need to buy from a middleman. When you buy direct they have first rate customer service.

Once you get your bator save up all your dimes and nickles and get yourself a turner to go with it.
None of the incubators on this scale come with a hydrometer. Go to Walmart. You will be able to find an accurite digital thermometer/hydrometer with probe for about $12. Don't rely on the cheap little nic-nac types. You can go to pet smart and get one of those they use in reptile cages as well.

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