PLEASE HELP! wart on my chickens upper leg, sits frequently.

sunshine ducky

10 Years
Aug 7, 2012
hello everyone I have 15.6 week old black australorp pullet and she has a whitish-circular bump on her upper leg. She arrived a week ago from cackle hatchery and I kept her in a 4 foot by 4 foot wide wooden hutch in my coop to introduce her with my flock. Since she arrived she has been sitting frequently and hasn't walked much, but she still ate, drank, pooped regularly and did walk a bit. Last night I took her out of the holding hutch so she can roost with my other hens and I saw her leg has a white wart on the top of her leg. That is the only abnormalities about her, here are some photos below. What could this be?? Thank you for any help.
chicken wart 1.JPG
chicken wart 2.JPG
Spoke with Cackle Hatchery and sent photos, they said it is defiantly a broken leg. They gave me a 100% refund on her and told me to put a splint on her as well. They are a very nice and high quality hatchery. I just learned form this experience to not buy started pullets ONLINE and only chicks. The risks are simply just too high for adults. Wish me luck on healing my australorp!
hello everyone, I have unfortunate news. The Australorp hen has sadly passed away this morning. Ever since I got her she has been limping but was eating and drinking. There was even this period of time when she was losing the limp but seemed to be recovering. But suddenly she stopped moving and has unfortunately passed.

I just wanted to advise everyone to take your precautions when buying started pullets online as it can come with damage issues as I faced. You are probably better off buying chicks online only. Or buying started pullets locally.

Thank you for everyone for the advice.

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