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Jul 22, 2019
hi i haven posted for a while because i totally forgot about this website anyways im going to do a surgery for my silkie rooster who has bumble foot but i don't know exactly what to do and the vet won't do anything so what do i do i need help !!!!!!!!!!!!! and it says to start at the core where the scabb is but his foot doesnt have a scab so what to i do . they have had bumble foot for a long time and i relize i need to do the surgery before its too late . sooo anyone out there who know anything about bumble foot please help or if your a vett ..... and my poor chickens has bumble foot on both feet and has three to 4 infections on each fooot plus he has currled toes i just need help when i do the surgery i dont want anything to go wrong or for him to keep bleeding and die in the next week i already tried honey but thta didnt work sooo yah please help me i love my rooster more than anything he is my pet my big fat chobby pet and i dont want him to die or be in pain btw he lives outside in a house please read eveything !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sep 4, 2019
Check out the articles section of BYC. I'll look for some and link a few articles for you. I've never had bumblefoot in my flock, but I know that others in here have and can think of at least one good article.
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