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May 27, 2020
I have a two week old buff Brahma chick and shes been sneezing the past couple days. I use paper towels for the bedding so I don't think it's from dust unless it was from the chick starter. Just today I noticed she opens her beak and pants a bit. Not allot as soon as she gets up and walks around she stops. She's eating and drinking normal. But I noticed in the last couple hours she goes off by herself to lay down when the others are up and about. I'm worried that either A) she has something in the back of her throat B) it's a sickness and have no clue what to give her. Any advice would be so appreciated!
Rikki it would be helpful to describe your brooder setup, maybe include a picture. Do you have a warm and cool side? What's the temperature under the warmest spot?
The temp under the warmest spot is 95 degrees. I have a very large brooder made out of two large kiddy pools one fascined on top of the other with the bottom cut out and chicken wire accross it. On the outer edge of the brooder it's 80 degrees. I have 4- 2 week old chicks and 2 one week old chicks. So I wanted to have varying temp options. When I took the troubled one out of the brooder for over 30 mins she was still opening her beak
One last thing you might try is too separate her briefly to check her poop. Isolate her on paper towel.
It may be that she has some dust lodged causing the sneezing, and lethargy due to normal growth.
I would keep watching for worsening or additional symptoms.
If there are any please post in emergency/disease forum with symptoms in the title.

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