please help!!!!


12 Years
Apr 28, 2007
my golden campine has been acting sick lately. It started about a week ago when her face around her eyes became swollen. However she was still eating and drinking so I figured it would go away. But within the past 2 days, it has still been swollen and she hasn't really been eating but she is still drinking. She is weak though. I also saw as she leaned her head downwards to try to eat, a greenish liquid came out of her mouth. I would rush her to the vet if i could but I couldn't find any vet that was in a 50 mile radius that worked with chickens. We have called 15 numbers and none had a vet that worked with them except for one and they don't open until tuesday. What should i do? I really don't want to lose her she is such a sweetie.

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