please help!!!


6 Years
Apr 27, 2013
* Hay i have a sick chick. a lil less than 4 months old. have 11 the same age and shes the only one. she was layin in the nesting box and i picker her up she cant even stand! it breakin my heart. any advice. she jus wont stand she eats and drinks but idk what to do. why only her. they all eat the same food. all sleep together. plz Help
Bordercollie22: Sick chickens are sometimes very difficult to help because most people simply don't know what's wrong with them. If you know some old timer from back on the farm ask him/her. Since you are there, and the rest of us aren't, figure out to the best of your ability what the symptoms are then go on line. If nothing shows up CALL A LOCAL VET AT ONCE. Even if you do not know one someone will give you some help on the phone. Remember that time is critical. CALL, DO NOT E-Mail. They won't laugh at you just because it is a chicken.

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