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6 Years
Nov 15, 2013
One of my hens has been sitting on the nest box all day until this afternoon, but she is still in the hen house and wont go oitside. She appears healthy in the eyes and feathers. Vent seems normal. But the comb is pale and laid over. This is my alpha hen too and she dont like being picked up but she offered no resistance to picking her up and examining her. Twice. I am gonna seperate her to a little pen for now. Any feedback would be appreciatedas this hen needs to live. She usually hatches a clutch and two or three months later is back at it. She is a buff orp, if that helps. And is around ome year old. She is not molting. I really have no clue whats up with her.
Fairly certian. There was no eggs and she didnt even try to peck me. She may be a buff orp but she is tough. She could hold her own against RIR. She even checks the roosters. Before when she was broody she wouldnt even let me reach under her to check how many eggs. And when she pecks, it bleeds. Plus she didnt have that broody stare. She has gone broody a couple times already and not quite a year old so I know what to expect from her and I highly doubt she is broody.
I don't know and hope someone can give you some help! I'd keep her in the little pen and give her some good food for a few days. That will give you a chance to see her droppings and see if you notice anything else strange. Could she be molting? I hope she's ok!

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