PLEASE I must set this AM! Is 60 degree room OK? says 70 or greater


10 Years
Oct 28, 2009
Georgia, VT
Please answer as quickly as eggs are now getting old. I got in the hovobater (delayed due to storm here) and I set it last night and it is in our large closet, where it is safest, but, it is 60 degrees in the closet. DOES ANYONE ELSE USE THEIR INCUBATOR IN A ROOM THAT IS CONSISTENTLY 60 OR COLD? The box says that it should be in a room 70 to 80 degrees, but, it is up to 100 degrees in the incubator and I would really like to use this room as it is the safest away from the cats, kids flying toys, noise
etc. As long as it stays at 60 and I got the incubator up to 100 (99.5), have others done this safely? PLEASE REPORT...>THANKS SO MUCH!
My room is usually 60 degrees or so, no problems with it...only when it fluctuates I have problems.
Thank you.! I am SO NERVOUS! I am a wreck! I have researched and researched and thought I thought of everything and NOT SO MUCH! Keep having a million questions. I just don't want to screw it up! Thanks for the support.
I keep my incubators in our unheated basement so it's 50 or so degrees in it and it's not a problem. Like someone else said stable room temps are more important.
I'm so glad you asked that. I was wondering the same thing. My basement I by far the safest place and is about 60. Hoping to be starting in about a week.
I don't think you need to do this BUT, At one point where we lived the only place I had to incubate was in a cellar under the house. Temps didn't fluctuate too bad but it was cold, for early hatching sometimes would freeze down there. I piled blankets on top of the incubator to help insulate it and I still had good hatches. Like everyone has said as long as you can hold temp you should be fine!

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