Please, I need help introducing a 2 month old chick & 4 month old roo

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by Lobzi, Jul 1, 2008.

  1. Lobzi

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    I sure could use some help on this one...anyone, please advise me....
    I have a 2 month old chick who has basically been raised alone, without any other chickens, just me as a companion. She is very close to me, follows me everywhere, but I cant always be with her. I got a 4 month old roo from a friend who raises very social chickens and he is a friendly enough guy. The problem is my chick seems so afraid of him. She will stay in the pen with him during the day and seems fairly relaxed though she would rather be out wondering the yard.

    At dusk it is a totally different story. He tries to get her into the coop and up on the perch but she just paces the run....paces and paces frantically and drives him crazy. Last night he started flying (or trying to fly) all around the coop as if he just wanted out of there when she started her frantic pacing.

    So the question is, how am I ever going to get her to relax and "want" to be with him? Is she just too young? Will it happen in time or should I be doing something to help this along?
  2. Lobzi

    Lobzi Crowing

    I sure was hoping for some help on this one...come on out there, surely someone can offer me advice. Please!!!
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    I have had to introduce single chicks to the flock. I usually try to settle them in the henhouse in a box with bedding . If the bird won't stay in the box, I turn it to the wall or cover it with a towel or something. This way it can hear all the noises going on, but is a little more protected from all the scary stuff in the new outdoor environment. Your little one is not used to the new bedtime routine and needs a little help. Once it is older it will probably start to roost on its own.
    Good luck
  4. Lobzi

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    Thank you for your response.
    Im hoping it is mostly just a time issue. She is young and used to sleeping inside with me. I can tell she is scared of Roo too. Chickie seems to likes Roo when I am around, but if I leave she acts frantic to leave with me.

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