Please post the methods you use to introduce new members to the flock


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Aug 15, 2011
Fort Worth, TX
What method have you found that works the best to introduce new members to the flock? What have you found that works the best for chicks, hens and roosters.

As for myself I usually confine new members in a 8'W X 12'L X 3'H enclosure while thoe rest of the flock free-ranges around them. I keep them confined for 2 weeks before allowing them to free-range with the flock.

Just wondering what everyone else does when introducing new chicks to the flock?

florida lee

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Apr 6, 2011
Well I tried the sneaking a couple into the coop at night. I've tried it twice now. It doesn't work for me. In the morning all hell breaks loose. The first set (3) have been in the coop almost a month now and finally are getting close to being accepted. They still stay by their selves most of the time but will walk close to the main flock and on occasion will even walk through them. But they still get chased. And are never allowed ,by the flock to, get treats...I have to make sure they get some. And they eat by themselves and range by themselves.
The two new ones introduced last (sat night for sun) Sunday (going on day 4) are confined to the roost by the flock, they are not allow to get down without being harassed and chased/pecked. I'm worried about them getting water and food. Yesterday I put a little food on the roost for them (they ate like they were starving) and I even put a small waterer on the roost near them. Today I'm going to try to give them a little scrambled egg. The little one is a cute little Blue Cochin and I'm really worried about her. Both the new ones are afraid of me so its hard to catch them or even get near them. Yesterday the rooster and another older pullet had her cornered behind the main waterer in a corner of the coop. She had ventured down to get some water. She was curled up in a ball. I chased off the attackers and picked her up , she stayed curled up in my hand and I petted her, she seem to like it and then I put her back on the roost. Shes still very shy. Although she is chased and harassed she is not getting any feathers pulled out and no cuts etc. I know this is the chicken way but its hard to allow much less stand by and watch.
Next time I will try the cage in the run approach.


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Jul 10, 2009
I use a introduction cage inside the coop for keets/chicks that I incubated. When I have broodies, they handle the protection:


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