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The Ghost and the Darkness, the movie version of the true story of the maneating lions of Tsavo. Has anyone seen a movie that they would recommend that has a similar setting/theme? It could be an obscure one, whatever, but I like the animals, the wild country, etc.
I have never seen that movie but my favorite movie of all time is Born Free. True story of a family that raised an abandoned lion cub only to release it back to wild. Wonderful, heartfelt move.
My favorites are the old Tarzan shows with Johnny Weismuller.
OOPS, I'm showing my age.
hmmm, a long time ago there was a movie about a group of people in Africa that was baracaded in their house by a pride of lions. It was during a drought I think and all the animals were dying. The people ended up making some kind of armored thing out of bed frame parts to protect them so they could get out to their truck to escape. It was pretty dramatic.
Hahahaha, I remember those very Tarzan shows well, too!

I'm not sure I've seen Planet Earth, Debi. We don't have any pay TV so I can't get Animal Planet or anything similar. I've looked at the online viewing sites, but can't seem to find anything exactly like what I'm looking for.

Oh, keywest chick, I remember that movie. I did see that one and wish I could find another of similar type.

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