please show pics of your incubator set-up, homemade, or store bought

see my egg-u-bator page. We made 3 more the last couple of weeks and now have all 4 running with 133 eggs in them!
Mine is also on my BYC page in the homemade incubator link, check it out for any idea's you can use.


Here is an example of it.

I bought mine but I had to use my ingenuity to get 30 eggs in a bator that only is supposed to hold 24

This is one we finished tonight that we'll be using as a hatcher, though it could be used as an incubator if need be. It's made from a small wine fridge I found on Freecycle last year. The gaskets between the glass on the door have curved inward from heat (it was on my deck last summer), but in no way affect the way the door seals.


This is the shelf we added to hold the heat sinks (2 small bowls of water) and bowl with sponge for humidity. We drilled a hole in the top and ran airline tubing through it, so that water can be added without having to open the door. The fan is in the back corner and blows across the bulb and the bowl of water, distributing the heat and humidity throughout.


The light kicks off at 99 and back on at 97, but the wiggler is holding a constant 100, so we're all set! The wiggler will come out once we make sure no further adjustments are needed. I'll be adding wire to the bottom with a piece of rubber shelf liner over it as soon as I buy another roll (eggs aren't due to be moved until the 20th, so I'll have some before then).


My birthday is coming in less than 2 weeks, so I ordered a Brinsea 20 ECO today. I'm currently using a forced-air LG, and have another that I've already got sold since the Brinsea is coming. I may hold on to one LG for awhile since the Brinsea only holds 24 eggs, and we all know that's not enough when you're in hatching mode!

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