Please tell me I only have one boy!!...PICS


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Apr 17, 2009
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Hi everyone, I realize it might be a little too early to tell, but I was wondering if anybody could tell if any of our 3 week old chicks were boys. And I also wanted to make sure that our "Jersey Giants" are really JGs.. Thank you!

Gretchen- An EE that kind of sounds like a hawk and is the largest of all of our babies


Niquita- Another EE that sounds like a hawk and is the second largest


Moxie- EE (Pretty sure she's a she)

Kohla- EE same as above

Bernie- Supposedly a Jersey Giant but she looks so different from the other chick (also pretty sure she is a she)

Henrietta- Like above, supposedly a Jersey but the two look so different...

Once again thank you!
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If any of those EE's were male, I'd vote the last one. Its chest feathers cup along the body well, and it has a better matching color. But otherwise they all seem to be females, especially the top one - Looks like it might be a silver EE.

Males, if this color, are usually a lot more red and get that true wheaten look of red and black.
Good luck with figuring them out EEs seem to be a tough one to call. I do see some pretty thick legs on all but Moxie. I hope they all turn out the way you want or pretty darn close to it.
i have some around the same age im having touble telling sexes, my first time raising EE chicks (or anything with a pea comb). If i were to hazzard a guess i would say moxie was the only girl, based mostly on leg thickness, but as i said i cant tell on mine yet either so give it some time!! photos of the heads (for combs) would be beneficial. hopefully someone with experiance rasing these pipes up, im curious to know how long i have to wait to tell!! my other breeds are easier to tell (mostly because i hatched/raised them last year and know what age i can expect to start seeing distinct physical differences)
Gretchen--looks like a roo in first pic but the second one makes me think definite pullet.

Bernie And Henrietta--?? I think if they are pure JG they should have solid black legs, and they should feather out completely black. You will have to wait longer to tell if they are going to feather out completely black.
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