Please tell me there's hope!!!


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It's day 22...I know...I know give it time. But my last hatch was a disaster because my heating element broke on day 18 so nothing out of those. This time I've had 10 eggs go into least 6 had movement on day 18...humidity at 40 to 50% until lockdown and now it's 55 to 60% and Temp has been between 99 and 101 all thru. I have an LG still air. It was sent straight from the company to replace the last one that failed. I know I've read that LG's are terrible...but is it too much to ask for just 1 to hatch?

I'm getting depressed and frustrated!!!
I set the eggs the evening of the Super Bowl (Feb 6th) and no I have not heard any pips/peeps/chirps/nada.

I would check the eggs as good as you can and if none have pipped, open the bator and candle. I don't know how hard it has been for you to maintain temp/humidity so if it has been difficult, try not to keep the bator open for long. Good luck, there is still hope!
he.gif I candled a couple in the bathroom w/the shower going for humidity. The one that looked very active on day 18 doesn't seem to be moving. I'm new and have never gotten to the end of a successful hatch... Is it normal to look in there and see very few veins and no movement? There's a black blobish area that I can not really see much about. Another one that I looked at has like a hug air sac.... at day 22 shouldn't I like be able to SEE the chick and it's head and all? I'm getting depressed... another hatch gone wrong I'm afraid.

The one w/the big air sac is like "if I didn't know better I'd think the chick broke thru into it"...does that make sense?

I put them all back and I'm waiting.... not so patiently....but waiting... Thankx for the support guys!

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