Please tell me this is a chicken...Banty chick...and not some other kind


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Jan 17, 2012
I know this may sound very strange but to make a long story short I picked up 1 chick monday night. The family I got it from have about 20 chickens (banty's and 1 silky rooster)...they roam between 2 different buildings and the yard. I don't know when it hatched but it was the only chick they had left and they told me it is a Banty.

We were playing with it last night and it flew from the floor to the kitchen counter. I haven't had chicks in a long time and didn't realize it would be able to fly already.

This morning I was showing my friend a picture of it (Peep peep is it's name) friend has had chickens for many years. Well, she asked me if it was a hawk chick which now has me wondering. I would think a hawk chick would look MUCH different but you know how your mind starts

so here's "Peep Peep" please tell me it's really a (sorry about the size I didn't want to change the size and distort the picture)

Its def. not a hawk chick...and by hawk chick I assume you mean a bird of prey?...correct? As a raptor rehabber I can for sure tell you this is not a raptor of any kind. As the others have said its a banny chick...have fun with it! :)

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